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Many of us who love traveling also like to take beautiful pictures. Photography is a hobby that gets interesting, adding interesting perspectives or new ideas to a photographer’s work when we get a nice spot to preserve a moment in time and a long-lasting memory. In photography, location is an integral part that plays a significant role in planning your shot. We shouldn’t forget that iconic locations can add an aesthetically pleasing look to photos for so many reasons. Tokyo is a beautiful city with many beautiful destinations that can capture your attention as a photographer. A city full of neon lights, Nature parks, cultural spots, towering skyscrapers, and attractive culture. For those looking to capture some of the most iconic views in this city, that can add a new perspective to their album. Here are the best places to take pictures in Tokyo to fill your album with many experiences.


Asakusa is one of Tokyo’s most beautiful photography spots, known for its classic view, like a trip to old Tokyo. The place perfectly combines beautiful ancient architectural beauty, modern culture, and excellent pictures background in Tokyo. You can see the giant Tokyo sky tree, the large architectural structure, and the intriguing Asahi Headquarters Building form here. The best spot here for the view and photography is Azuma-Bashi Bridge, a huge attraction for its vibrant red color.

Other alluring attractions are full of photographing opportunities; Hanayashiki Amusement Park is one of Japan’s oldest parks. It has amazing rides and fun activities, including classic rollercoasters and a haunted house. Not far away, you will also find the best shopping spot here in the whole of Tokyo. Other than Thunder Gate, a place with iconic red lanterns, and Nakamise Dori, the oldest shopping street in Japan.


Harajuku is a beautiful destination for photos, renowned for its cultural beauty, vintage stores, and traditional upmarket streets. It has colorful, quirky, cultural, and fabulous beauty. It’s like stepping into a heaven where adventure has no limits. Within Harajuku, you can witness all the wonderful and beautiful fashion, flavors, and trends.

Harajuku amazing culture can’t be missed. Within a few steps away form the Harajuku station, you can witness Takeshita Street and immerse yourself in the beauty of the most peculiar stores in the town, selling everything from ancient to modern things.

Harajuku Street is extravagant, so it’s best for taking beautiful pictures. This place is not just about adventurous things, you can find some beautiful residential areas to take some better pictures in Tokyo.


Hamarikyu is an absolutely beautiful garden near the Sumida River’s mouth in Tokyo, Japan. The place is something that no photographer should miss. This is the perfect destination that can enrich your photography experience. Nature has beautiful greenery through all the seasons, but for the best view, you should visit in autumn. It features seawater ponds and a tea house, where visitors can rest and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Garden realness can melt anyone’s heart. It was originally built as a feudal lord’s Tokyo residence and for duck hunting but later served as an imperial detached palace before being open to the public.

Many trees have been sown in orders that make it Coventry to the tranquil ponds and bridges. The garden is also the palace of 300 plus beautiful pine trees.

Kabukicho Arch : 

Near Shinjuku, a beautiful destination that will captivate your attention is Kabukicho Arch. Here, you can see the city’s most vibrant and colorful scene. With heaps of neon light and billboards, the place is perfect for taking beautiful pictures in Tokyo. You can expect a lot of variation in photography due to different views and distinct lights.

The location has many host and hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. It brings diverse entertainment avenues for people who love adventure places. You can see beautiful pictures here in Tokyo, especially after sunset.

Yoyogi Park:

If you are in Tokyo you shouldn’t miss the Yoyogi park. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo, with sprawling lawns and ample sports. Compared to other parts, it has a variety of traditional design aesthetics that can add beautiful charm to your photos. It has an eclectic mix of characters that attracts people. The garden allows one to enjoy the cycling path, taking advantage of the ride-rental service.

The garden is vast, an open space of 134 acres where people come to enjoy and relax. In November and December, the best have the best views, which attracts people who love photography. The practical appeal of the garden attracts all groups of people, such as plunks, martial arts fans, sports enthusiasts, and cos makers, making the park an amazing entertaining place.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing: 

Shibuya Scramble Crossing is one of the most popular destinations for people who love photography. The place is in front of the Shibuya Station Hachiko exit, which stops vehicles to allow pedestrians to inundate the entire intersection. It’s one of the biggest and busiest pedestrian crossings, where 3000 people cross simultaneously. Its biggest advertising screen and heavy traffic make it one of the best places for photography.

The building looms around in all directions, and the lights of Shibuya make this crossing something special. Be sure to find unique angles to capture the craziness and fuzziness of the place. Also, the famous Hatchiko statue is located surrounded by people, so it’s worth visiting the palace and capturing some great shots. The location is great to test out some slower shutter shots.


If you like vintage photography, Kagurazaka should be on the priority list.  Near Shinjuku lies this beautiful destination known for its high-end French restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. Also known as Tokyo’s Little Paris place, it is filled with the essence and grace of vintage beauty. This place once used to be a hub to see geishas (Artists trained in traditional Japanese performance art styles, such as dance, music, and singing). Back then, the street hustled and bustled with people and travelers. While many things changed over time, the palace is mainly dominated by French cafés and nostalgic restaurants.

You can still witness the rich heritage in a few areas, such as Cobblestone streets, surrounded by kimono stores rytei restaurants. The place is always busy because of its privileged location and traditional atmosphere. The best way to visit Kagurzaka is on foot if you want to capture every small detail.

Tokyo Tower: 

Tokyo Tower is one of the most recognizable palaces and the best place to take pictures in Tokyo. This place is perfect for taking shots from different angles. The tower is constructed with two decks, the first deck is above 150 meters from the ground, and the other deck is 250 meters in the sky, creating a 360 panoramic view of the city.

Tokyo Tower symbolizes the rebirth of Tokyo after World war-II. The lights of the Tokyo Tower create a dazzling look all around the area. The tower base also has many entertainment options. Restaurants, cafes, and beautiful shops. Next to a tower, you can also visit Zojo-ji Temple and admire its exquisite beauty by taking some natural snaps.

Final words

Tokyo is unique in every aspect. This modern city will offer your traditional heritage, cafes, restaurants, cinema, music, and entertainment. There is much more to do in Tokyo. As a Photography lover, you should definitely visit these places and capture all the magic of this mega city.

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