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Travelling is considered a leisure in the lifestyle of an average person. People plan for their trips and are very excited about their plans. But in this excitement, they need a guide to assist them with pre-travel packing. Here is a list of essential travel kits for men and women that can be used before packing for international travel trips. This blog consists of things that one should carry in their travel kit. These items are necessary for a comfortable journey and include grooming and essentials. A travel kit enhances your travel experience by minimising chaos and helping make things manageable.

List of items to include in a travel kit

  • Rolling backpack
  • Packing cubes
  • Powerbank and adaptors with cables
  • Tripod or selfie stick
  • Portable LED light
  • Dry bag
  • Air tags
  • Fold flat bottles
  • Dry towel
  • Makeup kit for women and shaving kit for men
  • Mini magnifying mirror
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Face cleaning wipes
  • Portable medical kit

Rolling backpack

A rolling backpack is the best for the travel kit list as it is suitable for carrying throughout your journey. These backpacks have rolling wheels and bag straps that can be used based on convenience. For example, if you have less weight in the backpack and the road is not smooth, you can use the bag straps to carry the bag, but when the backpack is heavy, you can switch to wheels that roll the bag with ease.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are small organiser bags that help separate and organise the packing of items like clothes, accessories, and shoes. They are kept inside the backpacks to separate items in an organised and systematic manner. These packing cubes are suitable for travelling kits as they reduce the time spent searching for various things during the journey. It keep your things organised and occupy less space so that you can keep more stuff in less space.

Powerbank and adaptors with cables

A power bank is the ultimate lifesaver for your phones, AirPods, and light sources. A long-lasting and fast-charging power bank with its carry bag is suitable for travel kits. Some power banks have a torch or built-in light source; such power banks are the right ones to choose when travelling. Adaptors and charging cables are must-haves for various appliances charging with different socket types. One should have a lightweight power bank while travelling to ensure easy usage during trips.

Tripod or selfie stick

For people who often travel on solo trips and are fond of clicking pictures and capturing beautiful moments with their camera, they should have a selfie stick with a built-in tripod stand. These selfie sticks are multipurpose as they can be converted into a tripod with a remote to click pictures and make fun videos. While travelling solo or not, one should have these selfie sticks to ensure they do not require a person to film them throughout the journey.

Portable LED light

These portable lights are must-haves for travel kits as they can be used for multiple purposes, such as lighting up laptops while working, reading books while reading, lighting up the room while sleeping, and turning the leading light off. These are suitable for hiking as they have three different light settings with various intensities. They can be a good pick for a travel kit as they are essential during a journey. These lights are easy to pack and lightweight, with fast and long-lasting charging.

Dry bag

Dry bags are used to pack valuable items like cell phones and keys and protect them from getting wet. They can also be used at foreign beaches to keep cell phones safe without getting soaked. These bags come in different sizes but are suitable for travelling in a tiny and one medium-sized dry bag to ensure all the items are correctly kept. Travel kits must contain these dry bags to protect valuable items from getting wet while having wet landings or going to water bodies during trips.

Air tags

Air tags are handy in finding lost and missing luggage and items like keys and wallets. These air tags can be used to track your luggage when they are missing by using tracking through phone apps. Various distances can be set or tracked based on the necessity. For example, luggage can be put on the highest limits of distances while keys and wallets on lower distances like miles. These air tags can be used for iPhones and Androids by installing apps to track them. These air tags are necessary for travel kits for those who often cannot find their belongings or are careless and their items get lost.

Fold flat bottles

These fold-flat plastic bottles are suitable when weight and space are the main concerns for luggage. They are helpful in carrying various products like shampoo and lotions in small bottles to ensure that they do not require more space in bags. They can also be used while travelling for better and more secure packaging of products without making them spill.

Dry towels

Dry towels are essentials for luggage packing and travel kits. They require less space and are easy to dry because they are thin. They are available in two sizes that you can choose based on your requirements. Regular towels take more room in luggage, but these are travel-friendly. If you have a beach towel, it should be kept in a travel bag during trips. Some hotels provide towels, but some do not, so it’s better to prepare them with dry towels.

Makeup kit for women and shaving kit for men

Grooming is necessary while travelling and on trips to various locations. Men need a shaving kit, while women need a makeup kit. The basic makeup kit includes moisturisers, facewash, body lotions, foundations, lipstick or lip balms, primer, face powders, eye makeup, hairbrush, deodorant sprays and many more based on personal requirements. The shaving kit for men includes shaving foam, razors, gels, moisturiser and lotions, shaving brush, hair comb and many other items.

A mini magnifying mirror

A mirror is needed for touch-ups during trips and for makeup. Mini compact mirrors with LED lights are good for travel kits as they are more useful. These mirrors are resourceful, and both males and females can use them. For example, males can use them for personal grooming, whereas females can use them for on-the-spot touch-ups to look presentable.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

These are essentials in any travel kit as they are needed every day. Travel-friendly toothpastes, which are smaller and occupy less room, are suitable for travel. Electric toothbrushes are good with metal handles. Complete the travel kit. You must have some wipes, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Soaps and detergents

When travelling to other countries for longer durations, soaps and detergents are necessary to ensure hassle-free laundry. Travel-friendly soap packages are good to take in a travel kit. Detergents in some feasible bottles can also be carried within a travel kit. Some hotels provide soaps, but some do not, so taking your soaps and detergents while travelling is better.

Face cleaning wipes

Face cleaning wipes or sanitiser wipes are helpful while travelling. In some locations, water is not readily available, and wipes can be used. Face wipes and hand sanitising wipes can keep you fresh at all times. Face cleaning wipes are refreshing when you have travelled a lot and need a clean face.

Portable medical kit

A medical kit should always be included when packing a travel kit. A medical kit can help in difficult circumstances such as injury, illness, or the use of regular medications. When travelling for more extended periods, a medical kit should consist of certain items as follows:

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic creams
  • Body pain relief sprays
  • Pain killers
  • Cold and cough syrups
  • Fever pills
  • Disinfectant
  • Cotton and doctor tapes
  • Regular medicines (may differ from person to person)


In conclusion, it is essential to organise a travel kit to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free journey. The items mentioned are for various needs and possible cases that travellers may encounter as they venture on their journey and experience. For instance, everything from must-haves like power banks and adapters to personal care essentials such as shaving or toiletries kits enhances comfort and convenience while travelling.

Further, accessories such as air tags or dry bags bring peace of mind by safeguarding valuables and simplifying luggage handling. These products have been carefully chosen and packed so that travellers can avoid typical issues and focus more on making memories at their destination. Lastly, a well-stocked travel kit makes life easier and travel convenient, relieving them of the pleasures of exploration and discovery that come with travel.

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