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Accounting software is a great way to manage your finances whether you run any type of business. A business’s financial health has a significant impact on its success. We all understand how crucial accounting is for a business. Accounting is one of the few tasks that require paramount accountability, and businesses should always prioritize it. It’s an integral part of any organization that helps to manage cash flow by tracking income and expenditure. Additionally, Managing tax deadlines becomes easy by using accounting skills such as auditing, securing investments, and buying assets.

This article will define the top free accounting software that helps small businesses to meet their needs. You can also check the best CRM software for small business. 

Best Accounting Software For Small Business

Here are the best accounting software for small business to streamline the entire process.

Wave Accounting Software:

Wave accounting is one of the most reliable and trusted suitable for small to medium size enterprises. It’s a simple and intuitive program that doesn’t require any training to understand. The platform offers all suits of accounting features for free, including unlimited income and expense tracking. Its ability to run multiple businesses from a single account is great for big enterprises. Most waves issues are nit-picky that can be ignored. Still, the program is one of the most robust applications available.

FreshBooks Accounting software:

Freshbooks is another excellent platform offering free accounting and invoicing services that save time, automate tasks, and organize business finances. This web-based software can be accessed through mobile or desktop. It’s an excellent option for a business that sends a lot of invoices and accepts a large number of transactions.

Freshbooks offers a comprehensive list of invoice tools that make easy creation, sending, and tracking of invoices to your clients. The software makes tracking all your project expenses easy through its project-tracking features. With its simple and smooth interface, you will face no problem moving around quickly. Expenses categories can also be divided according to your business tracking needs.

Xero Accounting Software:

Xero is cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises offering core accounting solutions, workforce management, expenses, and projects. The platform also integrates several third-party applications, such as CRM, inventory management, and e-commerce platforms. It uses Artificial intelligence and other automated tools to simplify, organize and accelerate tasks.

Xero skillfully automates all small and big business tasks. Its double-entry frame support all the business tasks sales, purchase, business, expenses, inventory, and payroll. With zero software, you can create a record for the customers, suppliers, employees, and items. Later you can use these records in standard customizable solutions, punches, and quotes.

NCH Accounting software:

NCH is great accounting software for companies with less than five employees. It offers many things, but some features will only unlock in the premium version. The software interface is simple, so you move around easily. Small businesses can manage every task very efficiently, from billing and invoicing to cash flow monitoring and financial reporting.

SlickPie Accounting software:

Slickpie is one of the top accounting software for businesses offering easy interface, invoicing and billing, payment reminders, financial reporting, tax management, and more. Its financial and management reports are simple, ranging from links to source transactions to sheets, profit and loss statements, sales tax returns, and depreciation schedules.

The free software version allows unlimited entries, multiple companies handling from a single account, and email support. It lets you create quotes and estimates that can be used as professional invoices. You can also connect your PayPal and Stripe accounts for free. However, some features, such as reports, are limited to the Slickpie website. It doesn’t have any built-in reporting capabilities.

Cloudbooks accounting software:

Cloudbooks is a free accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. With Cloubooks, you can manage your work, create invoices and monitor your projects. It has an invoice solution that can be customized as per your needs. It’s an excellent invoice creation software that can simplify your business goals. The platform also offers time-tracking, reporting, and payment needs.

The payment process of cloudbooks is really smooth. It allows you to make payments through credit cards, checks, or PayPal. It helps you to bill each minute you spend to finish a project. While Cloudbooks has many excellent features, it stands out, for its invoicing appears to be its most powerful point. So if you are looking for an outstanding invoice creation software, you should definitely try Cloudbooks.

ZohoBooks accounting software:

Zohobooks is cloud-based accounting software for small and growing businesses. It simplifies many business tasks. Zoho accounting software is especially helpful for businesses and entrepreneurs who may not have extensive accounting experience. Zoho Books handles multiple transactions and projects from a single account.

This software is especially useful for businesses that operate in multiple countries or vendors in different countries. Overlap Zohoboosk is simple and comprehensive accounting software that makes it a great choice for small businesses.

FreeAgent Accounting Software:

FreeAgent is powerful and excellent software for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It offers diverse features, including expense management, payroll processing, invoicing, cash flow, and profitability tracking. FreeAgent lets you set customized invoices that can send automatically. The platform has a really simple interface that makes it easy to navigate.

One of the top features of the FreeAgent is the Personalised ‘Tax Timeline, which is really useful in providing knowledge of upcoming deadlines and due amounts.


GnuCash is free, open-source accounting software that helps mall and medium size enterprises. The software can be downloaded for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It offers double-entry resources, which makes it really easy to enter transactions. You can access this software on the web browser or download it for free.

It provides you with budget management tools to help you plan a strong financial strategy. The software works with many operating systems, so you don’t have to consider device compatibility issues. If you are looking for strong accounting software, check out GnuCash.


You should consider a free accounting software called Akaunting. This option has most of the optimal features you will need from small business financial software. With this technology, you can invoice, sync accounts, track expenses, set up billing, manage customers, and manage vendors. But to access advanced features (like online payments), you’ll need to download a third-party app, which requires an annual fee in addition to the subscription fee.

To cut the long story short, it won’t cost you anything to create an Akaunting account, but once you explore the software, you’ll realize that everything you want to be able to do is up to you. purchasing third-party applications.


Lendio is one of the best domain names for small businesses. The program allows users to easily search and verify business expenses, submit legal invoices, and receive reimbursements.

It has a free personal plan that allows unlimited invoices and transactions, offering businesses a good and effective way to save money.

Lendio differentiates itself from other solutions with its storage services, but the cost of these services is high. As I said, its free plan is self-service and is good for small businesses, but it may not be successful when your business expands.

Finally, Lendio is simple, useful storage software, and its free plan may meet the needs of some small businesses. If you want a short-term solution and a reasonable upgrade price, Sunrise’s free plan is worth checking out.

Brightbook accounting software: 

Brightbook is a web-based solution designed to meet the needs of freelancers, freelancers, and small business owners, although it is more popular for the first two.

The program is essentially software designed for freedom. It has some great value for a single fee, along with a wide range of free features like billing resources, revenue visualization, financial reporting, and financial statement writing.

One of Brightbook’s problems is the lack of functional support. This program does not have a mobile application and cannot be accessed via a mobile browser. And the app itself isn’t as complicated as some of the more built-in options.

But Brightbook is a good choice for freelancers or freelancers (especially professionals). It’s a bit simplistic, but it still covers a lot of ground where other options on this list might be stuck behind a paywall.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive accounting system and don’t want to use a better program, consider checking out Brightbook.

Xero software: 

You can carry out many types of activities using Xero accounting software. Xero helps businesses track expenses, manage key contacts, store information online and create multiple invoices from a single platform.

The software allows you to create offers based on customer suggestions on mobile or desktop. Xero is part of the Stripe payment gateway and accepts payments in over 160 currencies.

Although Xero is free to use, the free version only lasts four months. After that you need to purchase a subscription.

The free version allows users to create up to 20 invoices and quotes. That’s why the free plan is perfect for small businesses and freelancers.

You can use all features of Xero free of charge for 30 days. You can then decide whether to invest further in this accounting software.

Xero is known for its cleanliness and intuitiveness, allowing even people with no financial knowledge to use it. This saves you time and effort compared to more complex software.

Xero can simplify your business’s invoicing and inventory management processes thanks to its powerful features. The interface is user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.

Striven software:

Whether your business needs a complex accounting or bookkeeping process, Striven can help you in many situations. With Striven, you can communicate with sellers and track positive and negative cash flows.

Unlike other software options, Striven offers unique listing control panels and other useful business services. This makes Striven a one-stop solution for your business needs.

Because Striven is a versatile application, it can help many types of organizations, from government agencies to non-profits and businesses.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, you can’t go wrong with Striven. As long as you are transparent about the results, you should have no problems with accounting.

Now that you know the pros and cons of Striven, let’s take a look at its pricing model.

Striven also produces accurate reports flawlessly and quickly. It will give you tools to communicate with your customers and clients. You can also contact the seller through the accounting portal.

Striven combines accounting, CRM, project management, inventory, HR and even e-commerce functions on a single platform. This eliminates the need to register multiple software and simplifies data management. Striven integrates with popular platforms such as Microsoft Calendar, Google Calendar, Gmail and more.

TurboCash software: 

Another open source and best free accounting software for small businesses is TurboCash. While this software is perfect for accounting needs, it requires some expertise.

If you are tech-savvy, you can achieve a lot with this software. But as with other solutions, the learning curve can be steep.

TurboCash may not be as simple and elegant as other accounting tools, but the features TurboCash has are surprisingly good.

Once you understand how the software works, you will have no problems using TurboCash. With blogs and tutorials, you can learn how to do this in just a few days.

One of the most important features of TurboCash is that it supports multiple accounting models. It can also be used for customer tracking and remittances.

As your business grows, TurboCash can scale with you. They offer different plans and modes to suit your changing needs, ensuring you have the features you need at every level.

TurboCash has multi-language support, making it a great choice for all large businesses. You will not have any language problems with TurboCash.


Accounting software makes our financial planning easy. They are part of successful business management. Now that you have learned about the free accounting software options. You should next move forward with trying out this softwares. Luckily you have got plenty of options, so know what works best by trying them out without incurring any costs.


Is there free software for personal use?

GnuCash is financial accounting software designed for personal and small business use. It is licensed free of charge under the GNU GPL and is available on many operating systems, including Mac, GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows.

How to make free accounting software?

Free accounting software helps small businesses track their income and expenses.

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