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If you love reading comics, you know the Mangastream platform. It was a popular platform where users could read Japanese comics for free. However, the website got shut down for some reason and is now inaccessible to everyone. 

Mangastream was providing comic access without permission and violating Japan’s laws. But it was favorable for readers because they didn’t need to pay a single penny to access that content. No need to worry; we came up with the best alternatives to Mangastream so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Why was Mangastream website shut down?

Manga Comics always have a vast business, and this Manga market has crossed the business of more than 3.6 billion dollars. Mangastream started stealing the content, and the owners have borne massive losses because of losing royalty. 

The reason is quite apparent, as they have to stop their work permanently. The musicians and studios have lost several hundred billion in revenues in the past 20 years. If you are looking for the best Netflix TV shows and Series, then click here.

Unlike other torrent sites worldwide, Mangastream also got banned, and they had to shut down their operations due to performing legal activities. So without bursting more, let us figure top alternatives of Mangastream. 

Top Alternatives of Mangastream

Here are some of the best options of Mangastream available in the market- 


Mangadex is a perfect alternative to Mangastream, where you can stream content online without any ads or interruption. Users cannot download any Manga file but read it online without hassles. 

The developers also monitor what people are doing on their platform. They don’t charge a single penny for their services but ask for a donation through Bitcoin to keep their platform alive. 

To choose your favorite Manga book, you can apply filters by title, comments, name, rating, etc. The website also supports scanlations in other languages such as Spanish, German, and French. 


Mangafox is another replacement of Mangastream that allows to read Manga comics without any registration and payments. They have a wide collection of Japanese comics and users can read the content easily because of easy navigation. 

To read Manga books with more convenience, you can press F11 on your Windows desktop and make it available on the full screen. Every single chapter has a user-generated summary and numerous generous can keep you occupied for so long hours. 


KissManga is another popular distributor of manga comics, which provides a wide selection of comic free of cost. The platform has a simple user interface with easy navigation. The site also loads quickly and there are only three sections, Home, Manga, and Contact Us. 

The Home Page consists of all the latest and updated comics in the right sidebar. You can read them to stay updated with the latest collection of Manga series. 

The Manga List allows you to do detailed research by using several filters through rating and names to find out the best one for yourself easily. 


Mangatown stands as a true alternative to Mangastream, offering a comprehensive array of graphic fantasies. It’s a haven for genres like Webtoons and Reverse Harem, often scarce on other platforms.

Mangatown houses three manga categories: Completed Series, New Releases, and Ongoing. The Completed section boasts comics dating back to 1999, catering to those seeking an authentic manga experience and a glimpse into the subculture.

At a stellar 4.75/5 rating, the top title is Shokugeki no Soma, amassing over a million views. No registration required – simply browse the URL and dive into an exceptional reading experience. All in all, Mangatown offers a seamless and captivating manga journey.

Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn gives users an access to Manga comics and consider themselves as a legal website in their About section. Moreover, the only languages they have are Japanese and English. 

In fact, when you will open Home Page, you will be allowed to proceed only if you the resident of US or Japan. However, they don’t perform an IP check, so you can proceed with the use of VPN. 

The site owner also asks for donations to keep themselves alive in this market. They just want to bring the culture of Manga in real means. Though, the website is legal, so we cannot expect latest content on this platform.


Mangreader is one of the oldest websites that provides a vast collection of Manga series with English translation with immense accuracy and popularity. The only demerit of this website is that there are no image titles, and there is a direct hyperlink to the story. 

The platform also shows some advertisements, which can be annoying. But if we are curious to read Manga books without paying anything, then Mangareader is one of the best choices we should look into. 


Mangakakalot is quite popular Manga series that comes with a new series. The best thing about this Manga series is its neat and clean user interface. There are no advertisements so that users will experience the best time on this platform. 

The result is that you should keep entertaining yourself by reading stories rather than just finding the best story. However, some suggestive advertisement pages will come to your screen. Make sure to refrain from clicking on any of the links, or else you will be reached by a malicious web page. 


The website is in beta but already boasts an impressive collection of several hundred titles. Clicking on any story leads you to a distraction-free, full-page reader in a new tab, eliminating interruptions or advertisements that might hinder your reading experience.

While the scan quality might not be at its highest, it indeed serves its purpose effectively. Registering is required if you’re interested in becoming part of the community. However, as a guest, you are more than welcome to explore the entire site without any limitations.

One notable feature is the list showcasing the top five most popular mangas across various genres. This proves immensely helpful for newcomers who can effortlessly access the fifty most-read mangas and quickly immerse themselves in the world of manga.

Additionally, the site includes a user-friendly search bar that enables you to swiftly find titles based on their name or genre. With genres ranging from action and adventure to fantasy and harem, locating your preferred type of manga becomes a seamless experience.


Mangapark is one of the largest manga sites we have ever seen. It comes with more than 60,000 titles. They have a wide collection but they don’t provide any story summary. There is only genre classification and few comments on each chapter. 

Here, you can change the theme colour at your convenience. Moreover, there are also some adult filters that you can use to make it more convenient. There are no pop-ups on this website so you can discover new manga daily. 

Ten Manga

Ten Manga is another popular alternative to Mangastream, which has more than 25 categories with thousands of titles to explore the value of actual content. Users can use either reader mode or download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Moreover, the platform has a simple user interface, which makes navigation simple for users. The advanced search function allows you to find relevant titles if you need clarification in searching for any title. It is an excellent option to explore. 


In conclusion, while Mangastream was a popular source for manga enthusiasts, its closure prompted a search for viable alternatives that could offer a comparable experience. The manga community has witnessed the emergence of several noteworthy alternatives, each catering to different preferences and needs. 

A Website like MangaDex has stepped up to provide an extensive selection of manga titles, user-friendly interfaces, and engaging reading experiences. Additionally, platforms such as Crunchyroll and VIZ Media offer legal and official access to manga, ensuring creators’ support and the industry’s sustainability. 

As the manga landscape continues to evolve, fans now have a range of alternatives that allow them to explore their favorite stories and discover new narratives without missing a beat

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