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The Meteoric Rise in Artificial Intelligence has taken over the market. Whether we talk about GPT4 LLM or Google Bard, the technology has sustained the market amazingly. AI tools have been successfully integrated into our lives, and many tools are available on the Internet that require no or very little money but still offer some exciting features.

How do I find the best free AI tools online?

Tired of using GPT prompts?

No worries, we can help you out by providing the best AI tools covering the market. The best thing about these tools is that users can use them on their browsers. So, let’s begin and explore the world of AI.

What are AI Tools?

AI Tools are the software that uses Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems. These AI tools can complete tasks such as generating texts, analyzing data sets, etc.

AI Tools have entirely revolutionized how the market runs, and it will accelerate in the future. Alexa and Siri have already started impacting this market, but with generative Artificial Intelligence, this market has changed everything.

Generative Artificial Intelligence has helped users to generate texts, which had never existed before, and we are posited to use such applications in our industries.

But how do they work?

These AI Tools are entirely based on machine learning, where the algorithm works per the latest trends and recognized patterns. It will lead to results similar to or better than human performance.

Benefits of AI Tools

There are numerous benefits of AI tools in today’s landscape. These AI tools are promising tools that will help simplify our lives, manage our tasks, and eliminate the chances of errors.

Their appearance is highly intuitive, but we have chosen this technology to make things versatile for everyone. Let’s understand the significance of Artificial Intelligence while discussing these benefits.

  • AI tools can focus on Monotonous tasks, meaning you don’t have to perform repetitive tasks and can focus on more critical studies.
  • These AI tools are readily available to us; no need to worry about their presence.
  • AI tools work quickly; your work in weeks can be done within a few minutes.
  • AI Tools never make mistakes because they are based on machine learning. Humans can make mistakes sometimes, but AI doesn’t.
  • There is no need for technical skills when you have AI tools so that you can enhance your creativity level.
  • AI tools have all the capabilities to enrich your overall experience; you will get a better way to play your games.

Best Free AI Tools List

Adobe Firefly:

Adobe Firefly is one of the best AI tools that has recently hit the market. It is one of the best AI image generators free because of prompt-to-image accuracy.

Firefly has enticing image modification tools such as content, color, tone, lighting, and composition. Adobe has also claimed that this is the first Ethical AI tool that doesn’t ask for private information. It is a web-based free AI image generator tool that allows you to create stunning images easily.


The palette is another AI tool that will help you color your images and upscale them. Well, it will not improve the quality of an idea; it will just add color to your pictures and make them aesthetically appealing.

The tools read the image’s composition and determine where they should exactly go. Per our testing, the palette has been working amazingly, and the filters allow users to experiment with shades. The free version of this AI tool is limited to 500*500 px, which is still good to use. is a popular and reliable AI image editor that allows users to remove the image’s background without any hassles. It provides an exact, accurate image within 10 seconds.

The process is quick and is available free of cost. The best thing is that it accepts all format types and will provide you with background-free images with precision.


Our resume creates a first and lasting impression whenever we are going for an interview. It is always a challenging task to write and create a resume that can engage the interviewer.

KickResume is an AI tool that makes this process more manageable, allowing users to create an actionable and engaging resume with the help of artificial intelligence. Just provide basic information about you, and it will draft everything while briefing all the points effectively. This AI tool is the perfect option for those looking to boost their career.


In this AI landscape, many tools allow writers to create content with just a simple prompt. It is getting difficult to differentiate between human and AI text; that’s where ZeroGPT comes into play.

ZeroGPT allows users to analyze the content and will let you know whether the content is human-written or AI. Well, ZeroGPT offers any text and also supports file upload. The free version of ZerGPT allows users to detect 5,000 words.

Voicemod Text To Song Converter:

Voicemod is an entirely different AI tool that allows users to create an entire song from the text you provide. Other tools only help to remove irrelevant audio for you, but this tool can create whole music for you.

You can start by choosing from 16 songs across different genres. After that, Voicemod will allow you to choose from 7 other singers with nuances. Later, just input your lyrics, and you will get your song in just a minute. To complete this process, create an account, and you are ready.


We could only complete our list by mentioning the name of ChatGPT, which has revolutionized the AI market completely. ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot by Open Source AI company.

ChatGPT uses GPT4 for the reams of data; users can insert any prompt on this tool and get answers in real-time. It is a free-to-use application where users must create an account and make the most of this tool. This is one of the best free AI tools for content creation.

Quora Poe:

All the tools mentioned above require access to their official website. We need to be more active sometimes and want all those tools in one place. That’s where Quora Poe comes into play.

This platform is built by a famous question-answer company. It is an AI-powered platform that brings all chatbots and puts them in one place. Users can use many AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude+, and GPT 4 LLM. You can access this tool without paying any fee or a nominal fee.

Character AI:

If you are looking for real fun, then Character AI is for you. The other chatbots don’t have a personality, but here, you can talk with different personalities and know more about them. This platform includes stars like Elon Musk, Tony Stark, Salman Khan, Sunny Leone, and many more.

Depending on the personality you choose, AI changes the mood accordingly. You will get exact answers from them, and if you feel that Character AI is not good, you can create your character with a built-in image creator.

Text To Pokemon:

Pokemon is one of our favorite programs that we watch during our childhood. The creators created Pokémon Go to real people’s memories, and people have enjoyed that game too. But what if I tell you you can talk to your favorite Pokémon without hassles?

Yes, Text To Pokemon is an AI tool with which you can convert the text into literal Pokemon. You can talk to them using general prompts with a proper combination, and they will reply to you at the same time.

Dall-E2 Image Creator:

We expect that you all have heard about this tool. Dall-E2 is an image creator AI tool, which AI also develops. With this AI tool, users can easily create an image by adding a description.

This new AI system can create realistic images and art from a description in a natural language as it will combine art, attributes, and different styles to provide you with a combination of words into an image.


These are the best free AI tools that you should check out to enhance creativity and productivity. AI has completely changed this landscape and made things convenient for users to play with image creation, content creation, etc.

We all need to stay updated with the Artificial Intelligence system because it’s the future for all of us. Once you have started using these tools, you will find that your work gets completed quickly while enhancing productivity.


Q1. Is OpenAI Completely Free?

No, Open AI is not entirely free; it comes with a limit, and once you reach those certain limits, you will have to pay for advanced features. ChatGPT API and ChatGPT Plus Subscription are different and come with their pricing. You should check their official website to see the actual price of what they offer.

Q2.  Who is considered as the father of AI?

John McCarthy is the father of Artificial Intelligence; he was a famous American Computer Scientist who founded Artificial Intelligence with Alan Turing, Marvin Minskey, and Herbert A.

Q3.  Are there limitations to these free version AI tools?

Every AI comes with its own set of features and functionalities. Many AI tools come up with certain limitations, and you can use the features within a specific limit, so it is necessary to check out the limitations of AI tools before starting to use them.

Q4.  Why is it important to stay updated with AI technology?

The use of Artificial Intelligence systems has been rapidly increasing, and people are making the most out of it. These tools enhance productivity and creativity; as technology evolves, we must all stay updated for personal and professional development.

Q5.  Are these AI tools accessible on browsers?

Yes, these AI tools are accessible on browsers, making them convenient. There is no need to make any downloads or installations.


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