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When someone, our close relative or friend, is incarcerated, visitation is the only way we can contact them and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Prison visitation can be daunting if you go for the first time. Generally, close friends or family members can visit prison inmates. You have a lot of questions in your mind.

Whether you are visiting state or federal prison, it requires a visitation form. To visit someone in the federal, you need to fill out the federal inmates form.

Here, we have mentioned some of the common details that you need to take care of to complete the federal innate visitation form ( BP-A0629).

So, let’s understand everything about the federal Inmates form.

What is the Federal Inmate Visitation form?

BP-A0629 form is a visitor information form created by the Federal Bureau. The Federal Bureau uses this form to maintain proper law enforcement and establish your identity and suitability. Federal bureaus need this form to assess visitors’ identity If they wish to visit an inmate held at any of the federal prisons. Hence, a prospective visitor submits the information to dully filled form BP-A0629, where the inmate is housed. Only family members, father, mother, step-parent, brothers, sisters, legal spouse, and children can be added to the inmate visitor’s family list.

Fill out the visitation form of a federal inmate:-

To fill out the visitation of inmates, you need to take care of a few simple things. Most times, these forms originated from the inmate’s side. Inmates get these forms in prison, fill out their portion, and send it to visitors.  These forms are also digitally available on the website; you can download them and fill them out independently.

Visiting form BP-A0629 comes with two sections. The inmate should fill the first section, and the visitor should fill the other section. In the upper section, all the basic details of the inmate, such as name, registration number,  address, institution where they are held, and the date of form filling.

The next section contains a request by the inmate evangelized to the person whose details appear in the below section. This should be one of the visitors approved for the inmate to meet. Afterward, the next section also contains the inmate’s background, which is a warning by measuring the suitability of the criminal’s background to approve the application. For this, prison officials may contain prison enforcement agencies to check criminal’s backgrounds. The visitors also need to complete the questionnaire and submit the form as part of BP-A0629.

Lastly, the prospective visitor will be alerted that it’s not mandatory to submit all these details, and there will be no penalties will be charged against them.  However, an incomplete form can cause trouble, such as the suspension of the form until all the details are provided. In case of false information provision, you can also be provided a fine of 250,000 or a 5-year imprisonment.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the visiting form to visit a federal inmate!

  • First, the inmate will be given a form to fill out the information about them.
  • After filling out their portion, inmates need to send a copy to each prospective visitor.
  • Prospective visitors also need to fill out all the necessary details from their side.
  • Then, the prospective visitor needs to send this form to the inmate’s address( Listed on the form).
  • Then, the Federal Bureau of Prison will ask for inmate background information and also contact other law information agencies or the NCIC.
  • Lastly, the inmate will be notified whether his or her request is approved or not.

Application status after filling out the form:-

Once you have filled out the forms and all the required details submitted, it’s time to wait for the decision on your application. The prison will make a decision based on your application, but not instantly. Your application can take time for a few days or even a week. If you don’t receive any update after two weeks, you can ask for status from the federal department. You can also contact the inmate to know about the decision.

Most prisons inform the inmate when the decision has been made. The inmate must inform you. If your application gets rejected, you will also get a letter outlining the reason for the denial. If the prison directly informs you, you can accept a letter within 30 days. You can also set a vision letter until you get this approval.

The visitation approval on most banks depends on the warden’s call. The warden will review your application, complete the background check, and decide when you should be allowed to visit inmates or not. The warden will consider your relationship with the inmate as well as the specific needs of the prison.

Some prisons also have appeal systems if your request doesn’t get approved. If there is any to appeal your request, you get instructions in the denial mail. You can check the prison for any updates or official information. Check the reason given for denial and appeal why these reasons are wrong for not considering your request.

Once you get the approval, you can plan for the visitation.  Prisons are open for visitation on weekends or holidays. Be prepared for the security, which can take 1-2 hours. You can call to find out about the visitation hours or schedule an appointment.


The federal inmate visitation form is an important step for anyone who is planning to visit someone close to friends or family incarcerated in a federal prison. The process of approval can depend on the various factors. So be patient, check everything twice, and provide accurate and legitimate information to get the request approved. Read everything in the form, including the instructions for visiting the prison. Always remember you are going to federal prison, and your visit is subject to the security and safety regulations of the prison. Any regulations and violation of rules can lead you into negative circumstances. It is important to approach the situation carefully with patience.

FAQs :-

What is the federal inmate visitation form?

The federal inmate visitation form is an application that allows visitors to seek permission from the Federal Bureau of Persons to visit a friend or family member who is incarcerated in a federal prison.

What information is asked in the inmate federal form?

Federal inmate forms ask for basic details of both visitor and inmate, such as personal information, name, address, and institute.

How long could it take to get approved my visitation request?

It depends; it could take 2- 4 weeks or even months.

Is it possible to visit inmates without any visitation form?

No, it is not possible to visit the inmate without any visitation form, then background check and request approval.

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