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(Take a look at Colleen Hoover’s best books from all the genres based on Ratings on Goodreads, Amazon, and Target scores)

Colleen Hoover has been the New York Times’ best author for several years with her sharp writing, which always amazes her readers. Her Books Hold a remarkable place in a romantic book lover’s Diary. Hoover made her debut with Slammed, the first book of her series, in 2012.

Colleen Hoover’s best books are everywhere; you can find them on your local store on the internet or Randomly scrolling Instagram. Absolutely, we love her books, don’t we? We have seen versatile examples of Hoover’s write-ups in between these years and become fans of her writing.

Colleen Hoover is an expert in giving her readers heart-wrenching, raw romances and powerful and vivacious romance stories, which made her readers buy new books of the series before finishing the last. Her amazing idea of expressive thoughts never failed to hook up readers, and that’s why Colleen is one of the top authors in the Romance Genre. You can find Colleen Hoover’s best book nearby in your local store.

 But still, many new readers ask which is the best book of Colleen Hoover. Amazingly, her books have something unique, so it’s difficult to choose her best books. So here, we will look at some of Colleen Hoover’s best books of all genres based on ratings of Goodreads, Amazon, and Target scores.

# Regretting You:-

Regretting You is one of the top fantasy novels written by Hoover. This fantastic novel is based on a mother, Morgan, and her daughter Clara. It explores all the angels of family, love, loss, and second chances. Morgan wants to prevent her daughter Clara from making the same mistake as she did: getting knocked up and getting pregnant younger. But on the other hand, Her daughter wants to live a different life and finds her mother’s life typical and boring. They both find it difficult to live together with varying personalities and different lifestyles. The only person who does something good in their relationship is Morgan’s husband and Clara’s father, Chris. But soon, this peace is shattered when Chrish meets with a tragic accident.


Goodreads:- 4.2/5

Amazon:- 4.3/5

Target:- 4.8/ 5

# Without Merit:-

Without Merit is one of the best colleen Hoover books Reddit and other platforms have also given it a special place. Poignant and powerful Colleen Hoover, this novel explores family, love, and the power of the truth. This story revolves around the protagonist, Merit Vos, and his family dynamics, which show different angles of love, friendship, family bonds, and truth and mistakes. The book also sheds light on mental health issues, relationships, and the power of honesty and understanding. Colleen Hoover is best known for expressing complex ideas and her realistic characters throughout the story.

The story unveils Merit’s life as she navigates her unconventional family, hidden truths, and her one struggle. Merit life is completely different from any other girl. She likes to collect trophies that she has earned and secrets her family forces her to keep. While visiting antique shops for new trophies, she finds Sagan. She discovers many hidden truths and learns a secret that no trophy in the world can fix.

Goodreads:- 3.8/5

Amazon:- 4.8/5

Target:- 4.8/ 5

# It Ends With Us:-

It Ends with Us is one of the New York Times best-selling books and best works of Colleen in the romantic genre, published on August 2, 2016. Hoover described it as one of the hardest books she has ever written. It’s totally unique, heart-touching, highly emotional, and one of the brilliant pieces of work.

Based on its popularity, it’s one of the colleen hoovers best books. In this novel, The author is able to capture the main aspects of abusive relationships or perhaps the angles of domestic violence. The emotional rollercoaster journey of Lily Bloom’s life can melt anyone’s heart. It is the story of Lily Bloom, whose life has never been easy, but that has not stopped her from working for what she wants. She has come a long way from where she grew up and started her own business in Boston. Lily’s father was abusive towards her mother, who kept the abuse a secret. Then, she meets a neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid in Boston, and suddenly, everything seems too good to be true. Colleen Hoover delivered a heart-wrenching story, combining a captivating romance and an unforgettable tale of love that is worth reading.

Goodreads:- 4.3 /5

Amazon:- 4.5/5

Target:- 4.6/ 5

#Verity: –   

Known for her contemporary romance novel, Hoover experimented with her writings and the psychological thriller genre. Verity is considered one of the best of Colleen Hoover’s best books, different from her genre as she experiments with something different from usual writing, diving into the psychological thriller genre. If You are a thriller fan, this must be on your reading list.

Verity focuses on the life of protagonist Lowen Ashleigh, a young writer living in New York City, struggling financially and not really living the life he desires. She came to a new work with many dreams. Her life changes when she accepts a job offer of a lifetime where she has to complete an unfinished book by bestselling author Verity Crawford. Lowen arrives at Crawford’s home to collect the pieces of Verity’s notes and outlines to collect enough notes to get started, but she doesn’t know the other side of the story. Verity was an unfinished autobiography of Verity’s life, which was never meant for anyone to read. Verity is a mind-blowing novel with an artful twist in a captivating and brainstorming storyline.

Goodreads:- 4.5 /5

Amazon:- 4.0/5

Target:- 4.8/ 5

#November 9:-

November 9 definitely holds a special place in the Colleen Hoover best books. It’s one of Colleen Hoover’s best books in the contemporary Romance genre, with an unforgettable storyline. The book revolves around Fallon and Ben, The main characters of the story, who meet on November 9 and agree to meet every year on the same day. The story revolves around their life and the evolving nature of their relationship. One day, Fallon becomes unsure whether Ben has been telling the truth or hiding some truth. Overall, November is a very positive novel that shows different angles of relationships. Colleen Hoover’s writing style often elicits strong emotions from readers, and this book is no exception.

Goodreads:- 4.2 /5

Amazon:- 4.4/5

Target:- 5 / 5

#Point of Retreat:-

The Point of a Retreat is the second book in the Colleen Hoover Slammed series, which starts after the slammed ends. The point of retreat delves deeper into the life of Laymen and Will, who, after struggling, are ready to make a home together. But when suddenly bad something comes from the past, their world shatters. Young love birds face hurdles in their life, and many misunderstandings are created between them. The plot covers all the angles of love, affection, loss, and strength as they navigate the complexities of life. 

Their relationship improves as they deal with the hurdles and depth of their true connection. The point of retreating can make anyone feel special. Whatever the young couples discover through their journey can change the entire world around them and the journey of the characters who depend on them most. 

Goodreads:- 4.2 /5

Amazon:- 4.5/5

Target:- 4.9/5

# Maybe Not:- 

Maybe Not is the romantic debut of Colleen Hoover. This brilliant novel revolves around the charismatic Warren and Charismatic Warren, two characters from Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday. The plot intrinsically revolves around these characters, mixing romance, humor, and emotional depth. When the main character gets to live with a female roommate, it brings an existing change to his life. The story unfolds further as Warren and Bridgette move through their journey, and the undeniable chemistry intertwines between them. Warren and Bridgette are opposite each other and find it hard to adjust in a room. But later, a romantic relationship develops with passion. 

#Reminders of him:- 

Reminder of him is one of Colleen Hoover’s best books in various ways. The story covers various angles of grief and a sense of normalcy. The story revolves around a woman, Kenna Rowan, whose life story is very tragic. Kenna serves five years of her in prison for a tragic mistake. She returns to the town where everything happened wrong with her, hoping to reunite with her daughter. But bridges between them make it impossible to rebuild her. Everyone in Kenna’s daughter’s life is making the situation worse for Kenna, no matter how hard she tries. The only person in the town who supports her is a bar owner and the remaining link to Kenna’s daughter.  As Sydney moves on her journey, she faces several difficulties and learns valuable lessons about forgiveness and the positivity of the human spirit.  

Goodreads:- 4.4/5

Amazon:- 4.4/5

Target:- 4.9/5

# Hopeless:-

Hopeless is one of the most spellbinding works of Colleen Hoover. The story diving into the life of two people who have a devastating past and embark on a journey of life, love, and trust. This story takes you into a world of roller-coaster emotions. It follows the life of 16-year-old Sky, whose life transforms when she meets a boy named Dean Holder. Dean is a reputed guy who claims to evoke uncanny feelings in Sky, which she never had before. He terrifies her and seeks all her attention in just one encounter.  As their relationship develops, she discovers dark secrets of their past. The story plot is filled with twists, revelations, and secrets that hook the reader till the end. 

Goodreads:- 4.3/5

Amazon:- 4.5/5

Target:- 4.8/5

# This Girl:

Dive into the world of passion, warmth, and emotional rollercoaster with Colleen Hoover’s bestseller, This Girl. This amazing novel is well known for its amazing storyline and intriguing plot. The story revolves around a love angle between Layeken and Will, the two characters of the slammed series. Layeken and Will Love have managed to withstand the toughest challenges and circumstances. This young couple is now feeling safe and secure in their union. It explores some of the deepest angles of will perspective. Despite knowing about his traumatic past, he will untangle his side of the story, both good and bad moments, for his wife, please.

Goodreads:- 4.0/5

Amazon:- 4.3/5

Target:- 4.6/5

# Finding Perfect:- 

Finding Perfect is considered one of the finest and best works of the colleen hoover. It’s definitely worth reading if you like an emotional, heartwarming story. This book brings some of the most beloved characters of Colleen Hoover’s collections. It will provide the readers with what they are looking for, gripping till the end. If you want the best experience, read all the books that make up this heart-wrenching story: hopeless, losing hope, finding Cinderella, and all your prefects. 

Goodreads:- 4.2/5

Amazon:- 4.5/5

Target:- 4.6/5


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