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Running a business, Whether big or small, is not easy in today’s fast-paced world. You need to manage so many things to run a successful business. For many small businesses, the biggest initial challenge is to find a customer base. However, once they find a customer base, it becomes hard to manage between old customers while guiding a new customer base.

Whether it’s about fixing broken sales processes or generating new leads, you need a strong management system that keeps up with everything. That’s where CRM comes in role. Customer relationship management software or CRM  is a requirement of today’s world. It helps your team to understand customers’ needs, increase sales, drive growth, and provide exceptional customer experience. You can also check the best accounting software for small businesses.

CRM software can help improve your customer service by providing valuable information to the sales and marketing teams. CRM solely can handle the entire business process, from sales to data management. There are many CRM software available in the market for small businesses. Take a look; we have mentioned our top picks so you can find your ideal CRM software.

What is CRM software Monday?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which means managing a customer’s sales funnel. CRM is a type of software companies use to enhance sales processes and improve functions related to sales, customer service, and marketing operations.

CRMs are not only designed for small businesses. Big companies also use CRM to improve their business.

    1. Flowlu (Web, iOS, Android):-

Flowlu is one of the best CRM software for small businesses. It has powerful tools that can bring the best project management and business side of things. The software has a great, intuitive interface where you can combine all the sales with projects, financial features, client portals, and knowledge bases.

You can manage everything with the help of this software, from a quick poll to making announcements to get everyone on the same page. There is an option on the left side where you can create anything you need, shortcuts, deals, and contacts with just a single click.

With the contacts and sales management features, everything is settled clearly. You will also get a filterable list to view all the activities and organize your work.

   2. Hubspot CRM:-

Hubspot is great for businesses looking to improve performance by centralizing data from different sources. This customer resource management software lets users connect third-party sources to sync and clean customer data and automate the business process. Once have connected with integrated software platforms, you can easily manage metrics, activity insights, productivity, and performance.

Hubspot integration helps in other business operations, such as centralizing lead information in one place. Every interaction or lead is stored on a tidy timeline so you can know exactly where the conversion ended when you start next time. By connecting with different social media platforms, Hubspot captures every customer interaction and makes tracking easy.

Hubspot plan is free, with more than 90 templates available for customized dashboards, but with the premium subscription, you can add unlimited seats and fine-tune report results.

     3. Monday sales CRM:-

Monday sales CRM is a great option for businesses with endless sales tasks and complex ventures offering great project management. It provides key time management and better organizational capabilities. The management software has a very simple, intuitive interface and unlimited boards to organize projects. The intuitive CRM software Monday provides everything for specific communication needs or customer visualization tools.

The platform is unique in its design and ability to manage various tasks simultaneously. Moreover, the platform is highly customizable so that you can do everything accordingly. Customers can also integrate and manage communication platforms like Slack by eliminating the need for regular status when a project is already done for action. All the plans with this software include unlimited boards to manage projects and contacts. CRM software Monday also provides you access to many action templates that you can use to build easy, time-saving automation without any complicated coding skills.

   4. Pipedrive CRM:-

Pipedrive is another popular and powerful software like CRM software Monday. If you need a powerful visual pipeline with glance information and data visualizations, Pipedrive CRM is the best option. With its visual tools, you can understand everything easily, while the drag-to-drag interface helps team members respond to every task on the dashboard. Moreover, with a customizable pipeline and workflow, you can manage existing workflow and make improvements in all your departments.

Pipedrive also provides a mobile app that helps you to manage and engage with customers and team members. Pipedrive is really easy to set up without much technological knowledge and an expert team. Its visual features are designed to help you in business processes, including enhancing sales performance efficiency, reporting tools, workflow automation, and communication tracking. With Pipedrive artificial intelligence, you receive performance recommendations and suggested tasks to improve.

    5. Vtiger CRM (Web, iOS, Android):-

Vtiger proved to be one of the best software for small and medium enterprises. It will simplify your business prices, managing every task from deals organization bringing inventory, marketing, help desk, project management, etc. Vtiger has a really simple and smooth interface, which makes everything clean. There is a particular screen for everything with simple navigation. If you want to switch between different screens, there is a hamburger icon on the top left. With this menu option, you can jump straight to where you want to be.

The platform has mixed features; some are great, and others are just ok. Adding contacts on the screen is really easy, which you can do with just a click. Later, you can also manage the contact page and add all the relevant information when you have time. The sales screen has a visual pipeline to help you keep track of deals. By clicking on the details, you will get all the relevant you want to receive and the next task. On the project page, you can add all projects, queue tasks, and assign them to anyone.

    6. Zoho CRM:-

Zoho is another powerful CRM for small businesses that will help in the long term. This app will fit your every small business need. It will support you in increased workflow, efficiently carrying out every task. Zoho CRM is affordable as its plans are cheap so that you can afford it easily. You can get different features like advanced learning, deals organized, inventory, marketing, a help desk, and project management.

The user interface is simple, and you will find it easy to navigate. It has outstanding features, including email marketing and a company activity feed to improve team communication. Additionally, there is a support system for creating self-service portals for your customers, helping desk features, and automatic lead scoring. You can also set up integration with the Zoho project, which will let you access your tasks once you complete the configuration.

    7. Capsule CRM:-

Capsule is the best business management CRM for managing projects. It is combined with a dependable project management app. It clearly understands that user experience is important and hence offers you a simple interface and dashboard that is easy to understand.

The project screen has three main views: calendar, Kanban, and list, where you can add everything and sign it to the right people. You can check all your tasks and organized lists on the left by going to the return menu. You will see the latest activity on the right side, such as completed tasks, calls, and deal updates. Capsule has the lowest plan, starting from $18/user/month, offering 50,000 contacts and all the important features.


CRM offers great features that are important for every type of business. Utilizing CRM for your business can improve your workflow, simplify tasks, and generate better revenue. If you are looking for a CRM for efficiently managing your business operations, you can choose any one from the mentioned in this article.

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