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(From Big Bang Theory to Friends, here are the top Netflix shows for beginners to watch).

Netflix is chill for everyone who is a fan of binge-watching quality shows. It has become a global phenomenon for people worldwide to discuss some of their favorite shows. Netflix is a global OTT platform offering various shows, documentaries, movies, and content of various genres.

Netflix is available in many countries worldwide and is one of the leading streaming platforms with millions of subscribers globally. There are plenty of shows available to watch.

Netflix shows can be inspiring, friendly, and educational and offer great entertainment than any other TV show. If you are a beginner, you might get confuse about what you should watch first on the platform. So Here is the list of the most popular shows you can watch on Netflix in 2023 as a beginner.

Best Netflix Shows and Series

  1. Big Bang Theory:- (IMDb RATING 8.2/10)

Big Bang Theory is one of the best sitcoms on Netflix. This show features lots of science vocabulary that might be fun for people who like education with entertainment. The show is well-known by viewers and is regards as one of the most entertaining sitcoms in television history.

The show revolves around a group of highly intelligent, nerdy, socially awkward friends, primarily centered on Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, both physicists at Caltech. Both are definitions of uncool and don’t know anything about the social world. But when they meet a pretty young actress with non-scientific and more social background, Penny, who moved into the same apartment across the hall, they attempt to befriend her.

This sitcom follows the social awkwardness of these character work and personal life. Big Bang Theory is known for pop culture, science theme fiction, and different aspect of nerd culture. The story also follows the development of the characters over the course of the series.

 2. Breaking Bad:- ( IMDb RATING 9.5/10)

Breaking Bad is one of the top-rated crime thriller show on Netflix. The show is exemplary, with its main characters, wider themes, and captivating plot. There are more than dozens of scenes that will blow your mind. Walter White, the show’s protagonist, is the most complex personality and one of the finest-developed characters in TV history.

The intriguing series has five seasons featuring a total of 62 episodes. The show received huge appreciation and is regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time. The series plot revolves around Walter Whiter main character of the show, suffering from terminal lung cancer. He decides to team up with a student to make up a lot of extra money to cover his medical bills and build a financial fund for his family when he is gone.

Due to his background in chemistry, he can easily produce methamphetamine, a drug, and sell it with the help of former student Jesse Pinkman, who is already involved in the drug trade. The series explores the complex theme of morality and the transformation of Waltman’s ambiguous and complex character.

 3. Our Planet:- ( IMDb RATING 9.3/10):-

Our Planet is groundbreaking series available on Netflix showcasing the world’s natural wonders, iconic species, and wildlife adventure. The series addresses the issue of wildlife conservation, endangered animal species, and human impact on the environment. If you enjoy watching something realistic, this documentary is for you.

This show can be fascinating and mesmerizing for children and young viewers. The documentary takes you into the real-life wild world with its breathtaking views of our world in your living room. It narrates by David Attenborough, renowned for his distinct voice and impeccable work in wildlife documentaries. Kids will learn amazing facts about the natural world’s wildlife, beauty, and diversity.

The show’s distinct theme and critical issues captivate viewers’ attention. The habitant of the natural world that is reliant on each other astonishing diversity of the earth through spectacular and innovative cinematography. Our planet will take you to the corner of the world with the most amazing sights that will motivate you to protect the place we call our home.

 4. Friends:- (IMDb RATING 8.9/10)

You might have heard of the popular American Sitcom Friends. If you haven’t watched Friends yet, you can watch this iconic series on Netflix. It consists of ten seasons with a total number of 236 episodes.

Friends is one of the best shows to watch in leisure time and explore the stories of everyday life. The show follows the story of six friends in their 20s and mid-30s. The Friend consists of three men and three women whose varied personalities give audiences a perfect plot and abundant comedic moments. It shows their friendship, relationship, challenges, and humorous adventures.

The show is top-rated for showing love, friendship, and loyalty themes. Most of all, the show is about friendship as characters navigate the pitfalls of work and personal life. The dialogue is often slow and nicely paced. It contains several pop culture references, so you will learn a lot.

 5. 13 Reasons Why:- (IMDb RATING 7.5/10)

The last on the list is a fantastic show named 13 reasons why, which follows the turbulent journey of Hannah’s moving to a new school, navigating through life’s challenges, and ultimately losing her life by suicide. The show is based on the 2007 novel of the same written by Jay Asher.

The plot revolves around the aftermath suicide of schoolgirl Hannah Baker. The show explores the various issues affecting the modern youth through its storyline. It has received positive reviews from the audience and critics who appreciated the show’s emotional weight and subject matter. However, the show was also criticize by mental health advocates who argue that it could lead to negative perspectives glamourizing suicide, which could have a negative impact on the viewers.

Thirteen reasons why raised concern on several complex topics such as sexual abuse, suicide, drug abuse, and school bullying. The series ended with four seasons and is one of the top show on Netflix that definitely should be on your watch list.

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