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Artificial Intelligence has a lucrative career opportunity because of the increased demand in this industry. A Plethora of jobs are justified in this specific sector, and it has become more promising than any other field.

What Job Opportunity options are available?

Before knowing about the best job opportunities in this sector, it is essential to understand what actual AI is. Before someone dives into this field, they should know that a user must fulfill a company’s technical requirements.

Many AI enthusiasts are there who would like to possess the technical skills to fulfill all the requirements. So, let us know about the best career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.

Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

1. Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer is one of the best career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. The primary role of a Big Data Engineer is to create an ecosystem for the business systems to interact efficiently. They will make and effectively administer the big data of an organization.

A Big data Engineer also gets a higher salary than other AI roles. Their average salary (in rupees) is Rs.8.7 LPA. So, a job in the AI sector can give massive career growth opportunities.

Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, and Java is essential for a career in AI as a prominent data engineer. The aspirants should be good at data migration alongside data visualization and mining.

2. Business Intelligence Developer

The Business Intelligence Developer is responsible for observing business trends by assessing complicated data sets. This process involves utilizing pre-fed simulated data to generate tangible outcomes through AI.

This approach significantly enhances brand recognition and awareness more robustly. It boosts profits by crafting, building, and nurturing business intelligence solutions.

Business profitability and efficiency are the critical factors they develop and consider. Someone with computer programming and data sets knowledge can acquire this position.

A bachelor’s degree in computer and knowledge of mathematics or engineering is mandatory to apply for this position. Some other skill sets like SQL servers and data warehousing designing are needed to pursue this position.

The average salary of a Business Data Engineer is Rs.6.6 LPA, which is less than a Big Data Engineer. But there are vast opportunities for improvement in this sector.

3. Data Scientist

Data Scientist gathers data from different sources to gain constructive interferences. They have the role of finding out the root cause and all the drawbacks that are caused in the business. They need to figure out the best ways to mitigate and restrict them from happening in the future.

The role of a data scientist highly impacts the business’s performance. Jobseekers must acquire numerous other skills, such as Spark and Hadoop, to pursue this career option.

Regarding education, the applicant should have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. Any other degree will give an additional benefit for getting a job. The experience and knowledge of machine learning is mandatory.

The data scientist should possess communication skills to stay outstanding in this field. Their analytical abilities should be unique. Many technical firms need Data Scientists for the growth of their company.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer is a natural subset of Artificial Intelligence. The machine learning engineers have the role of building and maintaining self-running software that supports machine learning initiatives.

They have to work in different areas, such as speech recognition, fraud prevention, customer insights, and management of risks. To apply for a machine learning job, one must know about predictive model dealing and magnificent data.

Programming and computing are integral to becoming a successful machine learning engineer. The average salary of a machine learning engineer is about Rs.7.34 LPA. To get such jobs, a master’s degree in computer science or mathematics is preferred.

Knowing languages like Python, R, Scala, and Java are required to work in this sector. Sound development tools, cloud applications, and coding knowledge will benefit you.

5. Research Scientist

A Research Scientist undertakes extensive research to deal with the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence; a research scientist has a good command of applied mathematics, statistics, deep learning, and machine learning.

The average salary of a research scientist is Rs.7.8 LPA. Applicants should have a Ph.D. or master’s degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. Moreover, the salary of a research scientist is relatively high, and there is always a massive demand for a Research Scientist, especially if they have a good command of AI career.

Knowing Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning is essential when applying for this role. The demand for research scientists will always remain high in the upcoming years.

6. AI Data Analyst

AI Data Analyst is another popular career option in this sector, where they have the leading role of performing data mining, data cleaning, and data interpretation. By cleaning data, requisite data is collected to carry out data interpretation. Any useless data is discarded so that it can maintain the data interpretation process.

To become an AI Data Analyst, you must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. Understanding regression and knowledge of MS Excel is mandatory to get a job in this field.

The average salary of an AI Data Analyst is Rs.4.7 LPA, and their demand in the future is ascertained. The industries can acquire AI Data analysts for the growth of their company.

7. Product Manager

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, the role of a product manager is to resolve all the challenging problems faced while collecting data. You should be able to identify the issues interrupting the company’s growth.

In the next step, you must get hold of data sets to facilitate data interpretation. Numerous jobs are available in this sector, and Product Manager is the one that could be achieved after getting significant experience.

After data interpretation, the next step is to evaluate the outcomes of the entire process. Each organization needs a product manager, and the demand for product managers has been skyrocketing.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs where the average salary of a product manager is around Rs.17.5 LPA.

8. AI Engineer

AI Engineers have to play the role of problem solvers who will apply different techniques and tactics through testing and effectively handle AI infrastructure. They will use machine learning algorithms and understand neural networks to develop applicable AI models.

It will be helpful to get business insights to make informed decisions quickly. Under graduation or post-graduation Degrees in data science, computer science, or mathematics are mandatory.

Having proficiency in other languages such as Python, R, and C++. The applicants should have a strong grasp of applied mathematics, data science, statistics, etc. The average salary in this field is around Rs.6 LPA, less than other fields in Artificial Intelligence.

9. Robotics Scientist

Robotics Scientists emerges in the market after the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in the market. Almost all the major industries are hiring Robotic Scientists in their company to improve the working mechanism of programming in their machines.

The robots will take care of specific tasks efficiently. To apply for this job, an aspirant should have a master’s degree in robotics, computer science, and engineering. The average salary of a robotics scientist is around Rs.4.8 LPA, while the median salary is relatively high.

Robots also favor automation, and there is a massive requirement for professionals to build them. Moreover, the risk of losing those jobs is also minimized.

Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Embark your journey in AI by enrolling in any of the fields mentioned above. We have seen rapid growth in the AI industry, and people are switching careers after knowing how this sector is skyrocketing.

AI career opportunities are reaching certain heights drastically. Start doing your research and conclude to come in this developing industry.

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