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The Citizens Economic empowerment commission has a big role in promoting economic growth. It’s a corporate statuary under the Ministry of Small and medium enterprise development. The Zambian government has established Citizen Economic empowerment with a mandate to implement various economic programs that will bring many economic changes to the country.

The AIM of CEEC is to promote empowerment for the citizens. Those who are marginalized or have less authority due to various factors such as Age, sex, religion, educational background, status, and disability.

To empower citizens, CEEC runs programs and activities to support the Nine pillars of empowerment, including the equity ownership management and control of companies. The mission of the CEEC is to promote exclusive growth. It is fairly distributed across society and creates equal opportunities for all.



How the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission is promoting economic growth:-

Facilitates access to capital:-

One of the primary roles of CEEC is to promote inclusive economic growth for marginalized or less privileged people by facilitating access to capital. The organization provides loans or runs financial programs to support entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and individuals with financial difficulties.

Capacity building and training:-

The CEEC supports equal economic growth opportunities by building capacity and offering programs. They equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills required to grow. The commission supports them to participate in the economy, size opportunities, and contribute to economic growth.

Business support services:-

The citizen economic empowerment commission is also known for its business support services. The CEEC also runs several business support services such as mentorship, business planning, marketing strategies, and access to networks in order to empower businesses. These services empower citizens, especially marginalized communities, by solving the complexities of the business environment and enhancing their business chances.

Policy Advocacy and Coordination:-

Another positive role that CEEC plays is the empowerment of the citizens’ advocacy and coordination for inclusive economic growth. They work closely with the government, policymakers, lawmakers, and stakeholders to create new opportunities, provide equal opportunity, and create a thriving business environment. The commission also put efforts between different government agencies, organizations, and private sector entities, civil organizations to ensure a comprehensive and collective approach to empowerment.


Monitoring and evaluation:-

CEEC also measures and evaluates the effectiveness of its programs. It assesses the Impact of its programs on every level to spread economic empowerment, job creation and bring economic value. This evaluation helps CEEC make better decisions and improvements in many areas resulting in sustainable economic growth.


Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission has a strong role in empowering citizens and serving as a strong factor for sustainable economic growth. It solves the barrier of the economy and participates as a catalyst providing financial support, promoting skills development, assisting SMEs, monitoring progress, and advocating for inclusive policies.


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