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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Monoscoop.com Respects your privacy and security in all conditions. We are committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how Monoscoop collects and uses your data.

By using Monoscoop’s services, you agree to how we collect your data and use of your data as described in this Privacy Policy.  We encourage you to read this policy carefully before you start. The data we collect is used to improve your search response when you visit Monoscoop.com.

This Privacy Policy applies to individuals who visit our sites through various mediums, including our website, application, social media pages. Please note that this policy does not cover information you provide to third parties for the purpose of tracking user behavior. We recommend contacting these third parties directly for information on their privacy practices.

What does this privacy policy cover?

Use of personal information:- 

Personal information refers to the data we collect to identify an individual, whether obtained solely from that data or in combination with other information that we possess or are likely to have access to.

1.   This may include information such as your interactions with our emails, text messages, push notifications, and online messaging channels. Additionally, it encompasses details of your interactions with our grievance officer/data protection officer, including the time, date, and reason for contacting us, as well as chat conversations and call recordings. However, we do not consider personal information to include data that has been anonymized or aggregated in a way that it can no longer be used to identify a specific person, either in conjunction with other information or independently.

2.   We automatically provide specific information such as your internet connection and the device or equipment you use to access our services. This includes, but is not limited to, your computer operating system, IP address, time zone, browser plug-in details, and browser type. This information is collected through the communication protocol settings on the internet during your visit to our website.

We collect information through two main channels:-

Information provided by you: 

We may collect information directly from you when you provide it to us. For example, when you log in to our Services using the login interface of another social media website, we may collect information from that platform in order to grant you access to NSFW (Not Safe for Work) articles that require adult age consent.

Information collected automatically: 

As you navigate through our Services, certain information is collected automatically. This includes usage details, IP addresses, and information collected through cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies. These technologies help us gather data about your interactions with our Services, such as the pages you visit, the duration of your visit, and your preferences. This information is collected to improve the functionality and user experience of our Services.

By collecting this information, we aim to provide you with a tailored and enhanced experience while using our Services, and to ensure that NSFW content is accessed by individuals who meet the necessary age requirements.

We collect various types of information on or through our Services, including:

Account Information:

This includes your full name, email address, postal code, user ID, password, and other details you provide when creating an account. If you use third-party sign-in services like Facebook or Google Plus, we may collect additional information from those platforms, such as your gender, mobile phone number, and website. Your preferences and settings saved on these third-party platforms, such as time zone and language, may also be collected.


We collect the information you provide through our Services, including your likes, shares, comments, favourites, and other details related to your activities on our platform. This may also include specific contact information of individuals you add or notify through our Services, as well as information in your account profile.

Searches and Activities:

We collect information about the search terms you use on our Services and the results you select. Additionally, we collect data about how long you use our Services, which features you use, and the advertisements you click on.

Browsing Information:

We collect information about your browsing activities, including the duration of your use of our Services and the specific features you engage with.


We collect communications exchanged between you and other users or third-party links/advertisements through our Services. This includes your participation in surveys, polls, contests, or promotions, as well as any requests for specific features or communications regarding employment opportunities.

Public Posts:

If you choose to make User Contributions, such as comments, likes, bookmarks, friends, lists, etc., they may be published or displayed on publicly accessible areas of our Services or transmitted to other users or third parties. Please note that we cannot control the actions of other users, and there is a risk that unauthorized persons may view your User Contributions.

Prior to collecting information, we provide an option for you to choose not to provide the requested information. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you choose not to provide certain information or withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you with the requested Services.

To withdraw consent, please send a written request to us at

[email protected]

Through automatic data collection technologies, we may collect the following information about the computer or devices you use to access our Services, as well as your usage of the Services:

Usage Information:

This includes details of your use of our Services, such as traffic data, location data, time zone, language preference, logs, communication data, and the resources you access and use on or through our Services.

Computer and Device Information:

We collect information about your computer, internet connection, and mobile device, including your IP address, operating systems, platforms, browser type, browsing information (such as connection speed and type), device type, unique device identifier, mobile network information, and the device’s telephone number.

Stored Information and Files:

In some cases, we may access metadata and other associated information from files stored on your device. This can include photographs, audio and video clips, personal contacts, and address book information.

Last URL Visited:

We may collect the URL of the last web page you visited before accessing our websites.

Mobile Device IDs:

If you use our Services on a mobile device, we may use unique mobile device identifiers (such as IDFA or other device IDs on Apple devices) to recognize you. These identifiers are assigned by the device manufacturer and are used to store your preferences and track your usage of our website. Unlike cookies, mobile device IDs cannot be deleted. Advertising companies may utilize device IDs to track your website usage, measure advertising performance, display more relevant advertisements, and track the number of ads shown. Analytics companies may also use mobile device IDs to monitor your usage of our Services.

Your Activity on the Services:

We collect information about your activity on our Services, including search queries, comments, domain names, selected search results, number of clicks, pages viewed, visit duration, date and time of Service usage, error logs, and similar information.

Please note that this information is collected automatically, even if you use our Services without registering or logging in. For more details on our data collection practices, we recommend reviewing our complete Privacy Policy.