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Embarking on a complete new journey whether it is for business or personal, is a new endeavour that opens up new experiences and horizons. Amidst the thrill of travel, it is quite essential to consider all the safety tips to make the entire trip smooth.

That’s why today in this article, we are providing you some essential safety tips that are paramount by nature and every traveler should acquainted with. By arming yourself with these guidelines, you can navigate your adventures with confidence and peace of mind, making the most of your journey while safeguarding your well-being.

By implementing all the safety tips, you need to ensure that the trip is not only unforgettable but also secure.

Essential Safety Traveling Tips That You Should Know

Here are some essential safety travelling tips that you should follow for a smooth experience.

  1. Don’t Wear Flashy Jewelry:

Wearing flashy and expensive jewelry is the biggest mistake many people make when going for any trip. It may invite robbers towards you, and you may have to be very concerned about that. The best option will be to avoid wearing this flashy jewelry, especially when you are going to crowded places. If you are traveling to Tokyo, then you should know about the best places where you can take pictures in Tokyo.

  2. Drink Responsibly:

This is one of the crucial steps that every individual should take care of. Yes, we enjoy living adventurous nightlife and hanging around after consuming some alcohol. But on the other hand, you should also show some responsibility towards you and your family, so drink responsibly.

Whether you are drinking at home or somewhere else, your senses will be lost if you drink too much. In those cases, the robbery chances will increase, and you can get scammed very easily. So, it is your responsibility to drink in limit and make yourself a responsible person, especially when you are traveling.

  3. Stay Smart About Your Money:

Reputable sources of travel safety advice consistently emphasize the potential risks associated with carrying substantial sums of cash while on your journey. It is strongly recommended to explore alternatives that prioritize security and convenience.

Instead of relying solely on cash, a more prudent approach involves establishing an account with an international bank or credit card company, enabling you to access local currencies through ATMs.

In the event that you find it necessary to withdraw a considerable amount of cash, exercise caution by securing the majority of it within your hotel or hostel’s secure storage facility. When venturing outside, carry only the amount you anticipate needing for the day.

  4. Know Emergency Phone Numbers:

No matter whether you are traveling within or outside your country, it is always necessary to have details of emergency numbers of the location you are going. If you are leaving your country, then it is also a good option to look for the contact details of nearest embassy.

Either you can write them down or save their number in your phone book so that you can have quick access in the event of an emergency.

  5. Lock Up Your Valuables:

We always have some valuable whenever we are traveling somewhere and ignoring their safety is one of the biggest mistake we often make. We travel with lots of valuables with us, and we couldn’t afford to lose those valuables.

That’s why it is necessary to lock your valuables and keep them completely secure with yourself. Always keep your essentials safe in such a way so that it couldn’t be available for robbers to steal from you.

Furthermore, take the initiative to contact your accommodation and inquire about the availability of secure storage solutions. These may include options such as room safes, lockers, or designated locked storage areas. For added peace of mind, consider bringing your own padlock specifically for lockers, especially when lodging at backpacking hostels.

  6. Get Travel Insurance:

We never consider travel insurance as an important choice, which is not an ideal choice. If you really care for yourself and your valuable then opting for a travel insurance could be the best ever choice.

Everyone should carry some sort of insurance because uncertainties may happen anytime. Financially, sometimes it becomes really a difficult task to deal with these situations. A Travel Insurance will keep you completely secured.

  7. Ask Locals For Advice:

For valuable insights on neighborhood safety, tapping into the knowledge of local residents is a smart move. Most community members are willing to provide guidance and highlight safe areas while cautioning against potentially risky spots. However, it’s prudent to verify information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy – especially if advice comes from unfamiliar individuals who might be well-intentioned but not entirely informed or sincere.

It’s worth noting that relying on taxi drivers can yield mixed results. While some are excellent informants with credible insights, others might be less reliable or even unhelpful, potentially leading you astray.

In my experience, hostel or hotel front desk staff often prove to be reliable sources of local wisdom. Don’t hesitate to inquire about neighborhoods to avoid, reasonable taxi fares, and recommendations for quality dining spots. Their expertise can be instrumental in enhancing your experience while navigating the city.

  8. Don’t Share Too Much With Strangers:

We meet with some strangers whenever we travel somewhere and it is pretty common to talk a lot with those strangers. It’s not a bad thing but always make sure to keep your secrets very private and don’t share too much with them.

We will recommend you not to share your traveling or accommodation plans with the strangers you met during travel. Some people would try to ask about your location, just lie to them and don’t share actually place where you are staying.

Sometime, people would ask you whether it is your first time or not. If you don’t trust them, just say No, it’s not your first time. Sharing such information indicates that you are a target of scammers.

   9. Use ATM Widely:

You’ve probably heard the advice about shielding your hand while entering your PIN at an ATM, and it’s advice that holds true. This practice safeguards against both prying eyes trying to glimpse your code and covert cameras attempting to capture it.

It’s a smart move to conduct a thorough inspection of ATM machines before proceeding to use them. Give the card reader a gentle pull – any signs of potential tampering? If you have any doubts, it’s best to enter the bank and have someone verify the machine’s integrity. Regardless of the outcome, it’s advisable to use a different machine.

Should you encounter an ATM that seems to have retained your card, a precautionary measure is to run your finger along the card slot. This action helps detect the presence of any unusual protrusions. There’s a technique known as the “Lebanese Loop,” where a thin plastic sleeve captures your card, preventing the machine from reading it. Subsequently, a thief retrieves the card once you’ve left, making off with your valuable information.


These are some effective traveling safety tips that you should stay familiar with. We should always be very curious about our valuable and taking care of them is an important point to consider. Traveling experience is always unique, and we never want to get rid of it, the versatility should always be there. Safety considerations should be paramount whenever you are planning to travel somewhere.

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