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Hairstyling is one of the best parts of a girl’s fashion routine, which reflects one’s aspect of personality. For any girl, her hair is one of the most beautiful things which she wants to style in the way she likes. The right hairstyle magnifies your persona and makes you look younger, better, and prettier.

Twisted hairstyles are quite popular among girls of every age and are easiest to form on your natural hair without any extra hairstyling accessories, tools, or extensions. Girls like twisted styles to add some beautiful touch to their hair to improve their overall appearance. And it does that by adding perfect touch and uniqueness to their personality while enhancing their overall appearance.

This hairstyle is one of the best ways to protect your natural hair from environmental effects. It’s a great hairstyle for any occasion that improves hair texture without any manipulation. These hairstyles suit all hair lengths from medium to long, especially shorter ones. Together with these things, users should also know about important tips for mental health. 

So take a look at how you can give a perfect twisting look to your shorter hair throughout all the seasons.

Most liked Twist styles for short natural hair

Color Pop:

Color pop is a popular twist hairstyle that gives your hair a lovely and juvenile look. This follows a simple step of taking two strands and wrapping them around each other. While to add an extra embellished look, you can opt for the colors you desire. You can turn your hair as your heart desires, like adding single, double, or multiple colors.


Flat Twist with Twist Out:

Flat Twist with Twist Out is one popular proactive style among African women. But in recent years. It has become globally popular among all the women who like to keep their hair natural and stylish. This hairstyle is easy to maintain without taking too much care. This hairstyle creates a flat twist from the front and a regular heavy curl on the overall hair.

Short Curls with Side Bantu Knots:

Long curls with bangs are outdated. Now you can give hair a fresh look with short curls and front bangs. You can add a unique charm to your style with Banutu knots. This looks very cute in any type of hair. The culture loose ringlets can also be worn out and carried with a top knot bun.

Criss Cross Buns:

Crisscross sounds more complicated than comfortable. But it is very easy and stylish without much effort. After parenting and sectioning, you can secure a bun on both sides of your hair. Crisscrossing your hair from the front gives them a unique look and style of elaboration. If you find your hair too short for this hairstyle, you can also add extensions to make a complete bun.

Mini twists:

Regardless of your face cut and hair length, you can twist them in whatever way you like. You can make twists shorter or longer depending on your personal preference. Whatever Twist you will try on your hair, you won’t regret versatileing your hair.

Flat Twists Updo for Very Short Hair:

You can do twist styles for short natural hair if you have really short hair. Try a flat twist updo for your short natural hair. It’s a proactive hairstyle for black or brown natural hair. To make some variations, you can also add extensions if you want. It’s a great hairstyle that will add charm to beauty whether you have fine or thin hair.

Flat twisted Mohawk updo:

This is one of the best hairstyles for natural hair, which shows the full look of your hair. You can do this hairstyle with loose ties. The upward upto gives full attention to those adorable twists on the top. It’s a buzzy hairstyle that can be worn with or without bangs.

Inverted cornrows:

Inverted cornrows, also known as didi braids, are popular hairstyles that give your hair adorable twists. Cornrows are suitable for every type of hair, especially straight hair. This fresh hairstyle looks more elegant if carried with some hair accessories.

Beaded Twists:

Beaded Twist is another popular twisted hairstyle that adds a volume touch to your hair. If you have extra shorter hair, you can use a colored extension to embellish your look. Add some beaded looks to the end of your hair.

Intricate Curve Flat Twists:

This lovely curl-stacking look is popular among every age group. It comprises a bunch of curves with twists on the entire hair. This starts from the edge of the hair and goes center to front creating intricate curve patterns. Single twists are tied on top of the hair, and the rest of the hair falls freely on the forehead forming a spilling mohawk.


Hairstyling can add an extra charm to your hair. You should experiment as often with your hair as with your makeup. Twist styles for short natural hair are cool and can add elegance to your overall look. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular twisted hairstyles for short natural hair; you can experiment and try more hairstyles with your comfort and confidence.

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